People Person

by FJ (Flavio Jerome)

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Palm trees and palm trees, and cars, cars, cars
The landscape is moving but it feels so far
I've taken the old Porsche off the blocks
I'm gonna drive it down to another full stop
I needed a pick-me-up, now you have to pick me up

I'd ask for help but I don't want any
Can these snide remarks protect me

Lord, I'm running out of time
Chasing yet another heartbroken daughter in a local bar
Giving love getting nothing back
They'll turn their gaze to the stars instead
But which has died and which is still alive

Taxis and taxis, and scars, scars, scars
Now that wasn't so bad, was it? Or was it?
I hate to be the one to burst that bubble
But you're not the first and won't be the last
To meet a people person, a real people person

I'd ask for help but I don't want any
Let these snide remarks bury me


released 20 May 2013



all rights reserved


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